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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Song: Needle Stuck on Lebanon

Checkpoint 303 has recorded a new track inspired by the ongoing injustice in Lebanon. A modest contribution to the efforts to raise international awareness about the suffering of the civilian populations in the region and the devastating effect of this illegal war.
The mp3 of the new track entitled “Needle stuck on Lebanon” can be downloaded from our website at:

# track --
Needle stuck on Lebanon although it really seems like one, the ongoing israeli attack on Lebanon is not a mere déjà vu. once again, lebanese citizens are under israeli fire. israeli bombings in southern, eastern, western and nothern Lebanon. once again. just like the sound of an old record, the needle is stuck on Lebanon. this checkpoint 303 track mixes recordings we made from radio, tv & internet news broadcasts by BBC, TG1 & TG3 (italian RAI), TV7 (tunisian news broadcast), Voice of Lebanon (VDL), ARTE (french news edition) and FOX (no comment).
[download track]



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